2006 Info about Arena Electronic GmbHthe
European branch office of CHIEFTEC Industrial Co. Ltd


From 2002 -2006 this was the official website for Arena Electronic GmbHthe European branch office of CHIEFTEC Industrial Co. Ltd.

Arena Electronic GmbH manufactures cases for personal computers. In 1994, Arena Electronic GmbH was founded with the aim of serving both the OEM, ODM and distribution channels. Since then they represent the CHIEFTEC brand along with their products in Europe, the Middle East, the CIS regions and Africa, while striving for further expansion in emerging markets. The Company provides the cases to the global original equipment manufacturer, original design manufacturer, and the distributing segment industries. Arena offers chassis power supplies and accessories. Arena offers the products worldwide.
Content is from the site's archived pages providing an edited glimpse of what this site offered in 2006.

The current websites for:
Arena Electronic GmbH: www.old.chieftec.eu
CHIEFTEC: http://www.chieftec.eu/de/




Welcome to the Marketing-Area of Arena GmbH

In our constantly increasing online archive you'll find among banners, datasheets, presentations and technical manuals, high resolution pictures of our entire product portfolio to support your distribution, advertisements and product description activities.

Chieftec – The number 1 for professional Computer cases

For the last 25 years the name CHIEFTEC has stood as a world-wide synonym for first class solutions in the PC-Case market.

At three highly modern production facilities in Asia, more than 6,000 motivated employees and specialists are working daily around the clock to fulfill the needs and wishes of leading OEM customers and numerous international distributors.

Our In-house R & D department are not only developing new designs and technologies for our own product lines, they are also working closely with customers to ensure that new ground is broken.

Continuous innovative advances guarantee Chieftec’s leadership with Desktop, Tower and Server cases.  “Often copied, but never reached” is the maxim of Jason Yang, CEO of Chieftec Industrial Co. Ltd.

In 1995 Arena Electronic GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf as the european centre of CHIEFTEC Industrial Co.Ltd.  From here customers both at home and abroad were delivered to.  With over 1200 qm warehouse area, direct containers etc. guarantee a prompt just-in-time delivery.  The sales department  also compromises a Service center, which ensures an immediate RMA response.

Enclosed some pictures of our new office in Ratingen.

The office of Arena Electronic GmbH in Ratingen Germany




RMA Policy

General Information 

Arena Electronic GmbH proudly stands behind its products with a 2 year limited bring-in warranty.

Beneficial Owner

Authorised for returning defective items by using this RMA-Form are exclusive registered customers of Arena Electronic GmbH.

Before sending back defective goods, please kindly refer to the following
handling steps:

1. You can easily open the RMA application form here. After filling in, please save the file and email it to rma@chieftec.de or fax it to: +49 (0) 21 02 - 56 0 77 - 99. Our Service department will issue you a RMA number in return and indicate which items are under warranty.

2. This RMA number needs to be marked on the outside of the packing. Please be sure to
enclose a copy of the RMA-Form and a copy of the original invoice together with the defective products.

3. If you want to send back the defective PSU, please fill in the serial number (s/n) or the date code on the RMA Form. Be sure to pack the product securely (best will be in its
original packaging). The 'Dead on Arrival' products have to be sent back in the original packing as receipt.

4. Arena will not be responsible for damage due to shipping or poor packing.

5. During the warranty period, your products will be repaired or replaced without charge if the products are defective due to proper use.

6. The Freight-free shipments back to us will not be accepted by Arena.

7. For the products, which are out of warranty, this RMA service is not available.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Your Arena Team



Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a question regarding a Chieftec product ?

Is there anything unclear for you with the installation ?

On these pages you will find a multitude of answers about various aspects of the Cheiftec cases. For detailed instructions regarding the installation of components into our cases, please take a look at the section titled “Manual”: http://www.chieftec.de/?page=service&language=uk

Further Tipps regarding Case-modding, Overclocking, etc, you will find under the relevant websites.

  • Colour of the cases
    1. I need to know the exact colour code/paint number of my case.
    Please note that the colours listed below are actually PANTONE colour codes and not RAL colors.

    Weiß: 414 C

    Gelb: 606 C

    Schwarz: 446 C

    Grün: 364 C

    Blau: 2758 C

    Lila: 5185 C

    Silber: 877 C

    Braun: 491 C

    2. My case has some scratches on it, do you have the corresponding paint pen?

    3. Where can I purchase the appropriate case colour ?
    Unfortunately we do not sell any colour varnish pens.  However you can go to your local DIY store or paintshop, where they can mix the colours for you.
    4. For the CD-Burner/DVD-Drive, do you sell the covers in different colours to match the cases ?
    As mentioned in the previous question, you can go to your local DIY store or paintshop where they can mix the colour for you.


  • Fans
    1. How do i achieve the best possible air circulation inside the case ?

    In principle the air should circulate from the bottom front of the case to the top back, i.e. the fan/s at the front of the case should blow in cold air and the warm air should come out of the back of the case.  Please also watch out for any disturbance in the air flow, for example if the cables inside the case are mislaid, this could seriously affect and hinder the air circulation.  Please also take a look at the manual for further information.

    2. I want to change the fans at the side of the case.  Is there anything in particular that I should watch out for ?
    To change the fan, first of all carefully open the side panel of the case.  The next step is to disconnect the power to the PSU.  The fan is held in place by 4 small black bolts.  With a pointed object, gently press the bolts from within to push them out.  You can then pull them out completely.  By removing the bolts in this way, they can be reused.  To build in the new fan, you just have to follow the same procedure but in reverse order.

    3. Are the fans already inside the case when delivered ?
    Our coloured cases are already sold with an 80mm fan inside the side panel.  However, this does not include the black or white cases (they come without a fan).  The reason why these colours are supplied without a fan, is further explained under point 7.

    4. Should the fans at the side of the case bring air into the case, or out of the case?
    The advantage of having a fan in the side panel is, that cold air will be pushed inside the case.

    5. With the BX models it is possible to build a fan into the case at the same height as the HDD cage.  Should this fan bring the air into the case, or take the air out?
    The fans are always meant to push cold air in the case to keep the HDD's cool. The warm air will be pushed out by an optional fan on the back of the case or by the power supply's fan

    6. I have now set up my case with fans, but now the case is much louder than before.
    If you want to install more fans into your case, then you must be careful of the following points.  For example, every extra fan could cause more noise.  When you buy a fan, take your time and keep an eye open for the silent running fans as this can make all the difference.  Vibration noise can also be reduced by using rubber sleeve between the fan and side panel.

    7. Do the black Chieftec cases also come with fans at the sides?
    Unfortunately not. A recent study showed that cases in black and white were used the most for business systems.  Not so much importance is placed on cooling in office areas, as the systems are never really overloaded so a fan is not included.

    8. Can the clip holder for additional fans also be fitted with a dust filter?
    There are a number of places where you can buy the dustfilters for our cases.  You can find  further information on the internet under the usual Modder and Overclocker websites.

    9. I have the case-model LCX-01SL-SL-B. I would like to know, which fan should be connected where and how?
    You have the possibility to build 1 x 120mm and 5 x 92mm fans into the case.  The 1 x 120mm fan you build in at the back of the case and this fan should blow the air out of the case.  Then on the left-hand side of the case there is a fan holder for 3 x 92mm fans.  These fans should also blow the air out of the case.  The remaining 2 x 92mm fans that go on the other side of the case, should blow air into the case.
    The air is successfully blown into the case through the 2 x 92mm fans on the right hand side of the case.  The air is then blown out of the case through the 1 x 120mm fan on the back of the case.  The grille on the right hand-side of the case also helps to bring air into the case, which in turn is blown out of the case by the 3 x 92mm fans on the left-hand side of the case.

  • USB/Firewire

    1. How to... connect USB Tray internal regarding USB/IEEE1394?
    The USB/IEEE 1394 must be connected to your motherboard if your motherboard supports this features.

    2. Is it possible to connect the USB-Tray to an USB/IEEE1394 PCI card?
    No, it is not possible to connect the USB-Tray to an USB/IEEE1394 PCI card by using normal cables.

    3. Color description of the internal cables
    yellow => Audio
    blue => Firewire
    black => USB

    4. Actual PIN Assigment of the internal Frontpanel connectors for USB/Firewire/Audio
    On the following grafic we'll show you the Pin assigment of the internal Audio, Firewire and USB cables.

  • Spare parts/Accessories
  • Guarantee procedure

    1. How long does the guarantee for my Chieftec case last ?
    All of our cases come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.  However, any damage to the case which is caused by improper handling, or through natural deterioration, is not covered by the guarantee
    2. How long does the guarantee for my Chieftec PSU last ?
    All of our PSU’s come with a 2 year guarantee
    3. Can I send my defective PSU back to you directly for repair?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to deal with us directly regarding guarantee issues.  Please contact your local trader for such issues, as they can normally help you further.

  • Insulation Mats
  • Front door
  • Manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Ferrit-ring
  • Radio mouse and keyboard
  • Water cooling
  • I/O Shield
  • Ordering
  • Power Supply
  • SATA Backplane
  • BTX Formfactor
  • 19" IPC chassis


An Update:

Having lived in Europe for about 5 years after college, I didn't realize that Chieftec professional equipment is not available in the US. It was a rude awakening when I returned to NYC to start a new job. I was astounded. On the current Chieftec's website they list all the countries where their products are available from the Czech Republic to Italy to Moldova. Twenty-five countries in Western Europe plus the United Kingdom and Iceland. But not in the US. Thank goodness for WWW. I can do searches to find the best alternatives to the Chieftec's products.

Sometimes I can't imagine life without the WWW. Obviously people survived quite well. But it's so weird that I can't get Chieftec here and wonder if a company like the SEO consultancy TNG/Earthling could help them stake a claim here by making them findable in Google. Then it would seem that the doors to new sales would open for them. I for one would be that customer and I'm sure there are others. The world is so big, yet sometimes so tiny.

As with all things, I am now ensconced in my new job and feel comfortable with the professional brands of equipment that the tech department uses. And if you need a rug cleaner in NYC, I have just the one!




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